Apr 17, 2010

Jelly Pong Pong

I just found out about this wonderful brand Jelly Pong Pong . Everything amazes me, from their packaging to the products themselves.

Melted-down eye shadow in a unique taffy texture. Thicker than a cream, more long-lasting than a mousse, one smooth glide is all you need to coat your lids in superb color. Infused with iridescence so that it doubles as a highlighter.

 A blossom-soft gloss in a beautiful orchid-embellished pot. Colors are formulated to go on smooth &vibrant, while the buttery consistency gives your lips a luminous glaze.

For the ultimate sun-touched glow to your skin, stroke Hawaiian Sun all over exposed areas, your face, decolleté, legs  arms. The light gold-bronze powder brings out the radiance of your skin & gives it a satiny-smooth finish.

  An irresistible cushion-soft gloss with a squishy, elastic texture. Apply it on lips for a sheer, translucent tint & to moisturize chapped skin. 

This set contains 2 scrumptious glosses in edible flavors & a smooth, brilliant finish. Muffin Gloss is a light poppy shade with specks of shimmer, while Cherry Meringue is a glossy berry stain.

So cute rite? There are still lots of cool stuffs you can check out on the website.. I'd love to try some of them soon ;) Order online from their website or Asos

credit : www.jellypongpong.com