Aug 7, 2010

ARTIST TIP | Be Your Brand - Tips for Aspiring Artists

This is a great article for everyone out there who is doing freelance or starting their own business. I found this through another MUA blog which I find very useful so I'd like to share with everyone.

Key points to think about from this tip for all us aspiring freelancers:
  • You are a walking business card. You represent a brand.
    Think about it - when you go for a job interview, you might practice a few mock questions, but you will always polish up your look if you want to make a good first impression. Same rule goes for when meeting with your potential make-up clients, present yourself well, as that first impression becomes associated with you, your skill level and your brand. I'm not saying to do avant-garde runway make-up to show off your make-up talent - consider your audience and what the job is for (i.e. corporate gig or bridal) - and dress (and do your make-up!) accordingly.

    I know it's not always practical to have the time to be the glamorous one, especially for early wake-up calls and for when you're juggling all the things you have to do in a day. But it only takes a few items (i.e. concealer, mascara, coloured gloss, blush - you get the idea!) to take you from 'just-woke-up' to 'I-made-the effort'. As Colligan states, "it’s worth it to spend a little extra time to look clean, crisp and put-together". You are your brand!
  • It lends credibility to what we are doing and conveys passion around our venture
    Dressing the part helps to convey the message that you are a professional and that you take what you do seriously. Talk the walk, but walk the talk, etc.
  • Customers are only human and they will subconsciously judge your inside by what they see on the outside.
    For an industry based on appearance like make-up, you can't deny that people may judge from the outside in, albeit subconscious. Your overall presentation (and yes, how you do your make-up) will be key to getting your foot in the door and eventually knocking those doors down!
Credit : Rhia Amio, Make-up Artist blog

Aug 6, 2010

2 day sale - take an additional 25% off makeup products

I love this website where they have discounts on so many beauty products. I've found a lot of good deals on YSL, smashbox, Stila, Nars, etc. Check it out & order stuffs before the sale is gone !!!

Aug 3, 2010

Price of Chanel Bags Could Skyrocket in August

 (image credit :

" European Chanel experts tell us that prices of Classic style bags, which includes the Reissue, just went up 20% and now similar price hikes are anticipated state-wide. One sales associate theorized that rising demand and manufacturing difficulties are the cause for the rapid price increase.

"We don't want Chanel to become like Louis Vuitton. They are taking more of an Hermes approach where it can take three years to get the bag you like," she said. "We want Chanel to stay a lux item and not be Main Street."

Consider this: In 2008, a 227 Reissue was $2850. Today the same bag costs $3600 and could jump to $4100 if current indications are correct. That's an approximate 40% increase in just two years. There's nothing Main Street about that type of price shift. As a matter of fact it's not even Wall Street reality.

Remember, price hikes are always rumored and your stockpile of Chanel bags will not sustain you during a nuclear explosion. In the meantime, we canvased our local Chanel contacts and tend to believe that prices will go up August 1st. How much? Just enough to out-price Vuitton. " -By Madisonavespy

Its not like Chanel is cheap or affordable to everyone . But now its price goes up even more , so much more . Not 5% , 10% or 15%... its 20%. How can I afford one now ? I keep waiting until the day I get my first Chanel bag.. Now I have to wait even longer to save up for one . What a sad news !

Source : Madisonavespy

Aug 1, 2010

Fashion shoot

I've been so busy for the last 2 weeks that I have no time to update my blog... My weeks are filled with wedding jobs, makeup lessons & photo shoots. I still cant believe people actually get married during this hot weather. But I shouldnt complain since more weddings mean more jobs for me . Here are a few photos from some fashion shoot I've done recently.

 Model : Van Han
Makeup : Me ( her hair is permed so its already great to work with )
Photographer : Ha Quay ( zoom studio )

Model : Miss Vietnam in Czech - First Runner-Up of Miss Vietnam in Europe
Makeup + Hair : Me
Photographer : Pham Viet Dung + Ly Sun ( Dzung Studio )

More to come....