Aug 7, 2010

ARTIST TIP | Be Your Brand - Tips for Aspiring Artists

This is a great article for everyone out there who is doing freelance or starting their own business. I found this through another MUA blog which I find very useful so I'd like to share with everyone.

Key points to think about from this tip for all us aspiring freelancers:
  • You are a walking business card. You represent a brand.
    Think about it - when you go for a job interview, you might practice a few mock questions, but you will always polish up your look if you want to make a good first impression. Same rule goes for when meeting with your potential make-up clients, present yourself well, as that first impression becomes associated with you, your skill level and your brand. I'm not saying to do avant-garde runway make-up to show off your make-up talent - consider your audience and what the job is for (i.e. corporate gig or bridal) - and dress (and do your make-up!) accordingly.

    I know it's not always practical to have the time to be the glamorous one, especially for early wake-up calls and for when you're juggling all the things you have to do in a day. But it only takes a few items (i.e. concealer, mascara, coloured gloss, blush - you get the idea!) to take you from 'just-woke-up' to 'I-made-the effort'. As Colligan states, "it’s worth it to spend a little extra time to look clean, crisp and put-together". You are your brand!
  • It lends credibility to what we are doing and conveys passion around our venture
    Dressing the part helps to convey the message that you are a professional and that you take what you do seriously. Talk the walk, but walk the talk, etc.
  • Customers are only human and they will subconsciously judge your inside by what they see on the outside.
    For an industry based on appearance like make-up, you can't deny that people may judge from the outside in, albeit subconscious. Your overall presentation (and yes, how you do your make-up) will be key to getting your foot in the door and eventually knocking those doors down!
Credit : Rhia Amio, Make-up Artist blog

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