May 29, 2009

Over the Rainbow - EOTD

Things I've used on my eyes:
  • MAC cream colour base Luna
  • MAC eyeshadow Freshwater on upper and lower lashes line
  • MAC eyeshadow Shimmermoss
  • Paul + Joe eyeshadow #43
  • MAC eyeshadow Expensive pink
  • MAC eyeshadow Starviolet
  • Complections eyeshadow pale pink to highlight brow bone
  • MAC eye kohl Smolder on upper lash lines
  • Fiberwig mascara in Black
  • MAC false lashes # 36

May 26, 2009

Makeup Tip of The Day

Bobbi Brown says:

Never use blush on the eyelids as it is too red and will make the eyes look sore and tired.

Blueish Green - EOTD

Things I've used on my eyes:

  • Sephora cream eyeshadow palette Teal color as a primer color
  • MAC eyeshadow Shimmermoss
  • MAC eyeshadow Tease 'n Teal on the crease & lower lash line
  • MAC eyeshadow Gorgeous gold on the inner corner of the eye
  • Nars eyeshadow Night Breed on the very outer corner of the eye & blend it on the lower lash line
  • MAC eyeshadow Ginger Soft to highlight brow bone
  • Complections Cake eyeliner on upper and lower lash line
  • L'oreal Double Extend Mascara on top and bottom lashes

May 25, 2009

Hippie style

Things I've used on my face:

MAC Hyper real liquid foundation NC 30
MAC Medium loose powder

  • MAC paint pot Bare study on all over upper lid as a base color
  • Complections eyeshadow nude pink color on top of the base color
  • MAC eyeshadow Sushi flower on the crease
  • MAC eyeshadow Cinders under the crease & blend it
  • MAC eyeshadow Carbon is applied close to the lash line & blend again
  • Model 21 false lashes
  • Black mascara on both upper & lower lashes
  • Line the upper lashes with MAC Eye kohl Smolder
Brow : I like my brow natural so i just used only MAC Brow set Clear instead of filling in the entire brow

Blush :
  • MAC powder blush Dollymix
  • MAC powder blush Honour to highlight
  • MAC Lipstick Peachstock
  • MAC lustreglass Flower Osophy
PS: Somehow I cant take good pix of the color of my makeup... In person, the color is more vibrant and more purpleish blue than the pix. Hope you dont mind. I'll try to fix the camera to get better pix next time

Webcam pix

May 24, 2009

Itsy-Bitsy Teeny-Tiny Lipbalms!

These little lipbalms are so cute! They're just one inch, so they'll fit into the tiniest of jeans pockets!! Buy them for $4 each at Ricky's, and!


Beside my passion for makeup, I love fashion as well so once in a while, i'll switch it up talking about fashion, hair & nails.

So after watching Gossip Girl, I'm so inspired by the way Blair dresses . I'm in love with all her headbands. I'm always a very girly girl if you know me. I love dresses & those cute little things. So headband is my new thing now... I love making my own headbands so I can have those one of a kind pieces that no one else will have lol... jk.. i do get some ideas from other designers too =D

Still trying to make more so look for more designs later ;)

Feelin' Blue - EOTD

Since I've got this blue liquidlast liner from MAC for a while & havent had time to try it out. I decided to wear it today to match with my blue dress. I'm too lazy to put on foundation and other step so today, only concentrate mostly on my eyes.

Here are what I've used for my eyes :

- MAC Liquidlast liner Blue Herizon on upper lid
- MAC eyeshadow Cobalt to line the rim of bottom lashes
- MAc eyeshadow Contrast on top of Cobalt
- Benefit BAD GAL black mascara

Dont have a clear pix of my lip color, but I used MAC lipstick Hue & clear gloss today... I had to go with a softer tone since my eyes' colors already standed out.


Inspired by the wonders of nature...

Shu Uemura’s latest lash collection, “inspired by the infinite wonders of nature”, pits your inner demons against one another. On one side of the battlefield sits Whimsy, on the other, Practicality.
Whimsy urges you to consider the sheer joy that you would experience wearing lashes made from real skeleton leaves covered in gold, or how your soul would feel free as a bird if your eyes were surrounded by a flock of feathers. Or even the effect on your psyche of a trip to the seaside whilst wearing lashes in shades of blue, whose undulating shape mimics the waves crashing against the shore.
Of course at this point, Practicality, who has been impatiently tapping his foot during these flights of fancy, feels compelled to jump into the conversation and point out a few home truths.
Home truth #1: You’re a klutz. And two things that should never be in close proximity, at least for someone with your disability, are glue and eyeballs.
Home truth #2: For you “full war-paint” consists of powder and lip-gloss. Your sole tentative step thus far into the world of eye make-up is a tube of mascara that has been gathering dust in your medicine cabinet for the last three years.
Home truth #3: Despite your mental bravado, there are a very limited number of times when you would venture out of the house with an artistic tribute to winter on your eyelids.
And so Practicality wins this round, but he hasn’t won the war...not by a long shot.

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