May 24, 2009

Feelin' Blue - EOTD

Since I've got this blue liquidlast liner from MAC for a while & havent had time to try it out. I decided to wear it today to match with my blue dress. I'm too lazy to put on foundation and other step so today, only concentrate mostly on my eyes.

Here are what I've used for my eyes :

- MAC Liquidlast liner Blue Herizon on upper lid
- MAC eyeshadow Cobalt to line the rim of bottom lashes
- MAc eyeshadow Contrast on top of Cobalt
- Benefit BAD GAL black mascara

Dont have a clear pix of my lip color, but I used MAC lipstick Hue & clear gloss today... I had to go with a softer tone since my eyes' colors already standed out.

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