Jun 2, 2009

How to clean makeup brushes

Cleaning makeup brushes should be done on a daily and weekly basis. There are a lot of people having trouble with cleaning their brushes . Either they cant get all the excess makeup off or they have trouble finding the right method to clean them. Here are 3 ways to clean your brushes :
  1. Brush Cleanser . You can either get it at MAC store or Sephora.com . Or for cheaper version, you can get it either at Wal-mart or Sally. The good thing about this is that its easy & fast to clean your brushes. The bad thing is that sometimes you cant get rid of all the glitters or little powder which still stuck to the inside of the brushes. But its good for using everyday
  2. 91% alcohol. This can be used when you dont have much time to clean your brush or you want them to dry quickly so you can reuse right after. Spray your brushes and use a paper towel , move your brush back and forward. It'll get all the surface dirt off so your brush can be cleaner after every use. This method you can also use everyday or everytime you want to reuse the same brushes.
  3. Mild soap or Shampoo. Mixed it with warm water in a bowl . Dip the brushes in gently and squeeze them out, up and down. Rinse them in cold water like washing your hair. Then place the brushes on a dry towel and squeeze out the excess water. Lay them flat to dry over night . Dont ever leave them stand up coz the water can get into the brush handles, ruin the glue inside & the brush hair will fall off easily . You should do this once a week or whenever you have time since it takes time to dry your brushes.
So I hope this answers your questions about cleaning brushes. if you have any questions, leave a comment & i'll try to reply asap :)

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