Jan 29, 2010

Mom & Babies

I've done some family photo shoots lately. I enjoy the experience a lot. Either its pregnancy shoot or family portrait , it gives me chance to learn more about LOVE. The love between the mother and her child is so precious . I, myself , always love children so this is a great opportunity for me to actually get to play with them or learn about raising a child.

Family portrait - the baby is 7 month old. It was hard to actually get her smile for the camera. She was just crying & wasnt in the mood to have her pix taken . Her mom kinda struggled to dress her up ... But in the end, we still got to have a few good shots of her with her parents. This is my first experience with baby shoot & it was very hard to take pix of the baby without her crying or screaming lol

Pregnancy shoot - 9 month pregnant. Minh supposed to give birth within that week or a week later . So she thought it was the perfect time to have the shoot. While we were taking photos, we were also scared that the baby might come anytime ...it was funny though. The mom did a great job posing for the pix while it was freezing & she hardly wore anything. At some point, the baby started kicking. I was even able to feel the kick from her mother's tummy. Let me tell you, it was an unbelievable feeling.

Makeup + Hair : Me
Stylist : Ng Bao Ngoc
Photographer : Hai tre

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