Mar 2, 2010

A few tips / tricks

  • To keep your lashes curly all day, heat the eyelash curler first then curl your lashes as usual, it will help keeping ur lashes curly all day
  • Dip your eyeliner brush in Visine when u use powder as liner. It'll dry faster and last longer than regular water
  • Using the old mascara wands to shape your brow with a lil bit of moisturizer. Cheaper than an eyebrow mascara but just as effective.
  • If you have removed one to many eyebrow hairs, apply vaseline on your eyebrows when you sleep - it makes them grow faster.
  • Use matte powder eyeshadows to fill in the brows since there are a big range of colors for you to choose from
  • Apply blusher before foundation for a more natural look. Also, applying powder blusher with a sponge gives a nice gentler effect than with a brush.
  • To make your lipstick last longer, blot it after applying lipstick. Put a bit of powder to set, then reapply lipstick again
  • Crush an asprin and mix it with a teaspoon of baking soda and enough toner/witch hazel/tea tree oil to make it into a paste, then cake that on over the pimples and sleep with it on. It helps to remove the pimples or at least reduce the redness or inflammation

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