May 4, 2011

Marble nail art

First time trying to do marble nail art , it wasnt that bad. Even though it requires a lot of cleaning afterward. Here are the steps I've done to achieve my design

First you need a cup of water & 3 nail polish colors , some sticks to stir & create your design

Here I used

Then you start dropping the colors into the cup of water

use your stick to create the marble design

(sorry, the pix of this one turns out to be so blurry)

Dip your nail into the marble design . If you wish to keep your nail clean , use tape around your finger to prevent your skin from soaking into the polish

 (Again, im sorry for the blurry pix)

The end result will be like this



Loey said...

oooh that's so cool Vy! How long did this take?

Chou Xiong said...

LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEE this! and your colour palette as well ;)

Cynthia said...

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Vandaleyez Makeup said...

That's super cool!!