May 14, 2009


When it comes to makeup, Brushes play such an important part to complete the look. To create a perfect face, you need good brushes to help you do that. Here are a few brushes that you need to have in your case
  1. Large powder brush
  2. Foundation brush
  3. Blush brush
  4. Concealer brush
  5. Eye shadow brush
  6. Blending brush
  7. Liner brush
  8. Lip brush
Beside those, there are still a lot of different other brushes for different uses, depend on how you want to use them. I would remember MAC brushes which are very good quality. They can be quite pricey if you have to buy them in singles . MAC usually has brush sets for only holiday lines, but the handle is quite short so its uncomfortable for some people to use. And most of them arent hand-made . Only the normal ones are hand-made.

If you dont want to buy MAC, you can try the Sigma brushes, they're very similar and much cheaper. You can buy the professional set which includes 12 brushes, only costs $64 or with $79 you can get a brush roll with the brushes. So thats a good deal . You can check them out @

For those who arent looking at good quality brushes, just some decent cheap brushes, you can take a look at Coastal Scents 13 pc Brush set which only costs $16.95. Wat a steal !

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