May 11, 2009

Eyeshadow TRICKS

(Some tips from an expert)

MASTERING EYESHADOW CAN BE TRICKY BUSINESS... If it’s not applied, and blended correctly you could end up looking like a kickback from the days of disco. Here’s the inside info on getting it right...

1. FIRST PRIME YOUR LIDS with a translucent powder to help control oiliness and set the colour. Despite what you may have heard before, never use concealer on your eyelids - it gunks up your eyeshadow.

2. CHOOSE THREE SHADES OF EYESHADOW – a light, dark and medium shade. It’s best if they’re in the same colour family – like nude, taupe and dark brown as you’re going to be layering them. Powdered eyeshadow is the easiest to apply and blends the best!

3. DUST THE LIGHTEST SHADE on the entire lid from the brow to the lash line. This is the shade which will open up the entire eye area.

4. APPLY YOUR MEDIUM SHADE from the lashes to a point just past the crease – this helps avoid that wrinkly, creasey eyeshadow look – then blend lightly. This colour is going to bring out the colour of your eye, so look for shades that are subtly contrasting. Purples are great for blue eyes and mochas great for green – otherwise go for an all round flattering shade like white, gray or brown. The shade itself should be darker or paler than the eye to get the maximum impact.

5. USE A HIGHLIGHTER on any part of your eye area you want to bring out. Try putting a dot on the inner corner of your eye to make your eyes look big and awake, or dab a little under the arch of the brow to define and emphasise the brows. Just remember not to go overboard, the idea is to highlight your good features not the entire eye, bad features and all!

6. LINE YOUR LASHES using the darkest colour and a small brush. Dampen the brush and put it into a little of the powder. Next make a smudgy line around the lashes; it’s important to get as close to the lash line as you can. You can line the top and bottom lash line or just the top only – if you apply to the bottom only it’s going to draw attention to any bags and make you look tired.

7. SWEEP AWAY ANY STRAY POWDER that has fallen onto your cheeks by using a large, fluffy brush.

8. APPLY MASCARA by first wiping off any excess mascara from the wand, then sweeping the brush through the lashes to the eyes outer corner. Next, while holding the wand horizontally, brush the lashes from the roots to the tips. If you want extra definition, apply a second coat while the lashes are still wet – otherwise they’ll end up crusty.

9. IF YOU’RE IN A HURRY you can opt for just a single colour – just make sure it’s not a dark shade. Spread it over the entire eye from lash line to the brow. You can even use your fingers. Then apply your mascara.

10. ALWAYS CARRY A COTTON BUD in your make-up bag to re-blend shadow or fix any globs, which can occur due to your eye producing natural oils.

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Anonymous said...

Wow this is great I'm so happy you wrote this! I just started putting concealer on my eyelids and now I will for sure stop!