May 21, 2009

How to press your pigments - broken eyeshadow

I found this trick on a fashion forum, I thought i would share with you guys. Its pretty cool to fix your broken eyeshadow & you can use it all over again.

"After some time browsing on the web for make up and make up tips i came across a tutorial for pressing your pigments!

i think most of us have found that sometimes loose pigments are hard to apply, they fall over your cheeks or are too messy to work with, even storage can be hell sometimes if not closed properly. And the best use is for the broken eyeshadow! you can get them back on shape even if they're pretty much destroyed.

this tutorial is foolproof, sort of, well it looks really easy and after looking up for other tutorials this recipe looks the best and easiest and all claim they work even better than loose, the colors are more vivid and bold.

Things you'll need

1. MAC pigments or similar
2. Alcohol (sounds weird but it works because it evaporates so quickly, and its just for mixing btw)
3. little spoon (a little spatula may work better)
4. little bowl (id go even smaller with the size of the bowl)
5.Empty refills

Now mix two spoons of pigments and one of alcohol (it all depends on the size of your refill but keep the proportion)

Put the mixture on the refills

If there are some waves you can use a crochet needle or something like that to flatten them

Youll have to wait until the alcohol evaporates, it may be from overnight to 24hrs and then you are ready to press it.

You can use a coin whatever the size of refill you are using. just put a light weight fabric between your eyeshadow and the coin or even a piece of tissue paper and press it, really hard, you may use clamps for this purpose."

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