May 21, 2009

Nail polish

Summer is here , I feel like wearing bright colorful nail polishes . Summertime also means being able to wear brighter nail colors like corals, hot pinks and even sparkly blues or purples without looking like crazy nail lady. Lets see some color swatches and you can decide which one you want to wear on your pretty nails =)

OPI Bright Pair Collection with Paige Premium Denim: Brights 2009

On May 2nd, 2009 color meets fashion as OPI’s brightest new shades for nails “pair up” with Paige Premium Denim. BrightPair by OPI includes six trend-setting new Brights by OPI Lacquers, which perfectly match the bright new hues of Paige’s Skyline Ankle Peg and Mariposa Short. The collection/color is as follows:

On the Same Paige

No Room for the Blues

Shorts Story

In My Back Pocket

A Grape Fit!

Over the Taupe

Which one of these do you like best ?

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