Jan 6, 2010

Makeup for Redheads

Red hair Debra Messing Marcia Cross

1. Never pick a color that looks or sounds fake, like “Cherry Bomb.” Pick colors that are soft and natural.

2. Make sure you change your makeup; going red means making the necessary adjustments to your makeup!

3. As a redhead, it is also important to wear clothes that compliment your hair color. Fiery hair requires less details on clothing, your already making a bold statement with that color!

4. In the Fall & Winter, I suggest taking your red to a deeper, richer shade.

5. In the Spring & Summer go lighter, more of a golden coppery color.

6. Don’t put a lot of highlights, I recommend none at all or very few. When they start to wash out of red hair, they tend to look funny and not as flattering.

7. Get glosses to prolong your color; red fades quickly.

8. Stay away from color depositing shampoos as they change your color overtime.

9. Don’t forget - Redheads are sexy, so get a haircut that compliments the color. I don’t like long, straight red hair - add some body or curls to it!

10. Make sure that the tone of your hair matches your skin and eye color, and work it! Redheads are sassy and have sex appeal – they’re noticed as soon as they step into a room!

credit : blogs.glam.com

Here are a few makeup looks that you can try

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