Jan 8, 2010


I , myself, support fashion and whichever comes with it. I'm willing to pay big bucks to get something I really want when I have my eyes set on it. Sometimes the price is too ridiculous but I still find myself getting it. Today, I came by this article from tfs.com. I cant help but post it up for everyone to read. Its so true that fashion can be an "investment", but that`s only from a Shopaholic view :) Enjoy reading....

When handbags cost as much as a car...

There are times when there is little comfort to be gained from ‘being right’. For years now I’ve held the admittedly old, curmudgeonly view that the cost of shoes, clothes, and assorted other fashion paraphernalia was much more expensive than “when I was a girl”. Though I’d love to have been proved wrong on this one I recently read that the price of a Gucci handbag went up 600% in the period from 1999 to 2009, and the price of a Chanel bag leapt from $900 to $2,395.

As we head into a new decade, this rather disturbing example of what I’ll refer to as “self-inflation” doesn’t bode too well. It’s impossible to avoid mentally fast forwarding to a future when the latest handbag costs as much as a car, and students leaving college no longer dream of being able to afford the down payment on a condo, but instead focus on making the installment payments needed to add an interview suit to their wardrobe.

Suddenly the argument that fashion can be an ‘investment piece’ starts to make sense; you may have some stocks and shares in your retirement portfolio, but should you have a Birkin bag from Hermès as well?

credit : tfs.com

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