Mar 26, 2010


From scooters....then fishing rod cases and now TEMPORARY TATTOOS. I bet millions of CHANEL fan are waiting for this product to come out. They were first spotted @ Chanel's Spring 2010 collection in Paris. They're incredibly chic & edgy, also very affordable . They go in a set which cost $75 for 55 different designs of flowers, birds, bling-y chains, cuffs and of course the infamous double-Cs on five sheets. That's dirt cheap for CHANEL, but outrageously expensive for some temporary ink. Just think about it, when can you ever be able to cover your skin in CHANEL ? Its SKIN ART !

You can find these @ Selfridges this March


♥ Wei - 江薇 ツ said...

I love these, Vy! :)
A lot less permanent than real ones, but with the same effect. Woot!

♥ Wei - 江薇 ツ said...

PS: I wouldn't get one myself, though.... waste and would never wear them :P xoxo

The girl who loves makeup said...

I want to get them too but I bet they would be sold out by the time I can get my hands on them lol