Jul 10, 2010

Lace nails

I always have a thing for lace ...Last night, me and my girl talked about how to do lace pattern on our nail. We try to find stencils that helps us to achieve the look. I've found something cool from Konad Nail Art which can help us to achieve the look but will take a bit of time

So if you have time to actually do it yourself, go ahead. Or there's another way which you can actually use real lace to put on top of your nail with nail glue . Its actually pretty cool. I came across this after seeing Tracy Reese Fall 2010 collection. She collaborated with Sally Hansen  to come out with a collection of nail polishes full of neutral colors 

From left to right : Evening Fog, Fedora, Wet Clay, Touch of Mink and Bittersweet  

So the manicurist who created this look actually put on 2 coats of Sally Hansen polishes, Wet Clay, which she describes as a “city chic shade with a country flare.” Then brushed on 5 Second Nail Glue and applied Leaver’s Lace carefully. She used that lace because it has no repeat so you can randomly apply it.  Also, because it’s not too thick and has a matte sheen . Apply top coat for longer wear. Isnt it pretty ? I'd love to try it both ways.
How about you ? What do you think of the designs ? Will you try something new or only stick to simple manicure ?


Jessica Jean Myers - Makeup Artist said...

I actually did a lace nail on a shoot a couple of mths ago using the exact same technique as the pics you showed...apparently I'm very on trend lol! It looks great but the lace catches on clothes even after you seal it w/ a clear polish so you have to be careful.

Vee Tran said...

oh thats good to know. I'd love to try it once for fun