Jun 30, 2010

Liese Hair Products

I've heard so much about Liese products recently. They are HOT new products from one of the top brands in Japan - KAO. Since I was going to Singapore, I thought I would grab a few products from their line to try on myself. Firstly, I got the Liese Bubble Hair color in Ash brown,  Juicy shower & Wave-up Mousse 02 Elegant Wave

The Hair Bubble is such a great DIY product @ home.
Step 1 :  You just follow the instruction inside the box . Try to massage your hair as much as possible to keep the foam. Its not messy like any other products I've used before.It's great how it didn't drip and it was easy to apply. Even if I thought the foam was gonna start dripping while I waited, it didn't happen. The whole concept of the bubbles is so the product reaches the root of your hair. But the ammonia / smell is kinda strong, that's the negative thing about this product. Also remember to use the hair lotion package that comes with the box
But IMO, I was kinda disappointed that the color didn't come out like I expected. It evened out my hair color but kinda too dark when I thought it would be lighter. But at least my scalp was still clean and had no sign of home-dyed job :P

After a few days, u probably will get a better result with more colors & still shiny after shampoo

Step 2 : I use the Juicy shower to spray all over my hair after towel dry it. It has a nice scent & refreshing. It keeps my hair smooth & frizzy-free . Also the scent didn't stay on for long

Step 3 : You can use the Mousse on your hair while its still a bit damp so you can start styling it the way you want. Either your hair is permed or you can curl it with curling iron. I like the fact that my curls are still bouncy and soft for a whole day without feeling like I use lots of stuffs on my hair.
 So give it a try and see if you like their products. The Bubble Hair Color costs S$19.90 , Juicy Shower : S$3.50 ( for the small size I got ), Wave-up Mousse : S$12.90 . You can get them at any Guardian (its like Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada) , Watson, Sasa, or even online i think

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