Jul 3, 2010

How to keep a healthy looking skin - DIY

Toning helps to cleanse the skin and shrink pores. Once cleansing of the skin has been completed, the pores tend to be open and therefore slightly enlarged. As a result, moisture can leave the skin, which in return dehydrates the skin. Closing of the pores has another benefit. It stops dust and other air born particles from settling in the pores and potentially causing problems.

Here are a few steps to help skin looking healthy, vibrant and young :
  •  Step 1 : Cleanse your face with cleanser . You can actually make home-made cleanser which is extremely good for your skin since you know it wont contain any chemical that might harm your skin. For dry skin, you can mix a few drop of milk cream + lemon juice . Give a light massage on your face will help your dry skin moisturized and glowing. For oily skin, you can mix cucumber and lemon juice then apply with a cotton pad all over your face. Remember, lemon juice isnt good for sensitive skin

  • Step 2 :  Use toner after cleansing your face. There are a lot of ways to make a great toner for your face. Here are a few way you can try
            - A mixture of tomato juice & watermelon is a very good toner for normal skin type. Its fresh & fruity
            - Boil half a cup of water . Put chamomile tea in the water & leave it for 5 mins. Let it cool down before preserve in a bottle to use daily.
           - Put fresh rose petals into a pot with water & boil it slowly for an hour. When you see the water changes its color, just take out all of the petals & store it in a bottle in the fridge. Now you have a great toner that smells good
  •  Step 3: Moisturize your face after toning your skin. It'll keep your skin hydrate & smooth.
Now you have a clean & refreshing skin. Its very important to keep your skin hydrate so it wont feel flaky , dry or clog pores. Take care of your skin well & you will never have to worry about having pimples or looking old.


    Anonymous said...

    I will attempt some of these home remedies......thx for the tips

    Anonymous said...

    I will definitely have to try these methods....thx for the tips