Jul 3, 2010

"The City" fashion

Since the show is shot in the Big Apple so Fashion plays a big part in it. Both main girls Whitney Port and Olivia Palermo have different styles that portrait them as NY girls.

I myself prefer Olivia's style. She always pulls everything together so well . Her knowledge about accessories is incredible since accessories can make or break an outfit . Shes is a New York socialite, a 'social' like she calls herself. She's like a real Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl who lives the life every girl dreams of. Her hair and make-up are perfection, her clothes to die for and she's always impeccable accessorized...

Here are her daily wears, Black and White are prob her favorite colors. She knows how to style them with the perfect bags to make her stand out

She also looks incredible in neon or neutral colors . She never forget to accessorize her look with her shoes, necklace or purses

Whitney Port, on the other hand, is a down-to-earth girl so her style is more simple & definitely got an eye for design. She made her first debut at the New York fashion week featuring her Whitney Eve line. Her line is sophisticated, girly and chic. She said her collection features everything she would wear so it showcases her style quite literally

 Her style consists of different blazers & short dresses. They shows off her best asset well - her legs. But shes not always perfect or well put-together like Olivia, sometimes her style is very questionable. She does make weird choices for her daily wears which can be very boring / uninspired

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